Because available on site parking is limited, all cars parked in the lot must display an MYC Parking Permit (or Regatta Pass). One registered permit is provided with your membership. Up to two additional permits can be purchased for a fee, to be used with member vehicles only. Permits are to be prominently displayed and visible from outside the vehicle.  The current permits are effective through calendar year 2023.

Additional Permit Fee Schedule:

2019:  $50.00

2020:  $40.00

2021:  $30.00

2022:  $20.00

2023:  $10.00

Tags may be purchased inside the club from MYC staff at any time.  Untagged vehicles are subject to tow (see “Parking Enforcement,” below).

The parking policy is in effect at all times. Extra attention will be paid during the following periods (May 1st to October 31st ):

Wednesdays 5:00 PM – close

Fridays preceding holidays 5:00 PM – close

Saturdays All Day

Sundays All Day

Holidays All Day


One guest pass may be issued for each owner/registrant at official Muskegon Yacht Club hosted regattas, valid for the specified event only. No passes will be issued to crew members. Passes must be displayed on guest vehicle dashboard; no trailers allowed.


The Muskegon Yacht Club parking lot is posted for member use only. However, the four spots located directly in front of the two dumpsters, and two spots located in front of the pool are designated for staff.  This is a first come first served area.  Additional staff vehicles are asked to park in the street.  Employee vehicles violating this policy are subject to the penalties described below.  The enforcement period for this is from May 1st to October 31st.


  1. Bicycles are to be “parked” in the racks provided adjacent to the pool.
  2. Skateboards, rollerblades, etc. are not permitted to be ridden on Club property.
  3. Motorcycles, motorbikes, etc. are to be parked in parking spaces.


Violators will receive at least one warning before any further actions may be taken. It is the clubs’ intent to seek cooperation, not submission. Final warnings will be recorded.

Vehicles parked in violation of this policy may be subject to towing at owner’s expense, or being “booted” also at owner’s expense. Boot fee will increase with each successive violation.

The parking lot will be monitored for violations as needed.

Muskegon Yacht Club reserves the right to selectively enforce these rules on a case by case basis. Enforcement decisions will be the responsibility of the Management personnel and Board.