The use of the facilities of the Muskegon Yacht Club is for members and their guests.


  • A guest is any non-member, eligible for membership, sponsored by a member, using Club facilities.
  • Guests must write their names and addresses in a register provided for that purpose, and the sponsoring member shall sign their name as sponsor.
  • A member sponsoring a guest must be present at the Club when the guest arrives; the member may advise the Management Personnel of the expected arrival of the guests. This will authorize the Management Personnel to admit the guests, pending arrival of the member.
  • Members sponsoring guests will be considered responsible for their conduct at the Club, and for any debt, liability, or loss incurred by the guest to the Club.
  • A guest of a current member may use the club up to three (3) times in one calendar year. Frequent guests will be encouraged to join the club. The House Committee will review abuse of this rule and take action.
  • No guests will be admitted to the Club on such days the Board of Directors may designate.
  • No member shall knowingly sponsor as a guest any person who has been suspended or expelled from the Club.

Transient boaters, who are members of another Yacht Club, and their crews, who pay the appropriate dock or yard fees, may use the Club in the manner of a member.

  • Visiting yachtspersons who are members of Yacht Clubs affiliated with the International Yacht Racing Union or the Yachting Club of America, but are not transient boaters, may use the facilities of the Club in the manner of a member twice in one year by registering with the Club employee in charge and providing identification confirming their Club affiliation.*
  • Transient boaters and their crews, and visiting yachtspersons shall pay for all purchases and fees by cash, check, or credit card (but not by Club credit) prior to leaving the Club.

NOTE: The intent of reciprocity is for our membership to extend hospitality to the out of town yachtspersons traveling in our area for a short period of time. If the visiting yachtspersons want to avail themselves of our hospitality more than twice in the same year, they may do so by having a member sponsor them in writing to a flag officer for a guest membership card.

Guest membership cards may be issued for a period not to exceed three consecutive days.

*As a member of the Yachting Club of America, Muskegon Yacht Club offers reciprocal privileges to other member clubs.  However, Muskegon Yacht Club will not allow reciprocal privileges to member clubs located on Muskegon Lake or its tributaries.

The House Committee and Board of Directors are sensitive to those members that race and their need to acquire crew. It is recognized that these non-member crews are potential members that may decide to join the Club. Taking this into consideration, the following shall be the policy concerning non-member racing crew:

  • Non-member crew shall be on Club property only on the days when they are crewing for a race. Crew shall not be in the Club lounge (bar) unless they are accompanied by the member on whose boat they are racing.
  • The member is responsible for the crew’s conduct at the Club and for any debt, liability, or loss incurred by the crew to the Club.


A Member on a Leave of Absence may not use any club facilities or have any club privileges as a member or a guest during the period of the absence except under special dispensation granted by the board for a specific event.


The behavior of children and guests requiring adult supervision at the Club is the responsibility of the member parent or sponsor. No children are allowed to sit or stand at the bar at any time. Children under the age of 18 must be under adult supervision.  No children in the lounge after 9 p.m.


Until such time that this area is properly equipped and manned as a lounge, open access by the membership shall be controlled by the management personnel or the bartender on duty.

If access is approved, membership shall be responsible for keeping the area clean and removing any items brought up to the room.

If the room has been rented and/or decorated for a special event, access by unauthorized members is prohibited. Any damage or disruption of decorations by unauthorized members shall be the responsibility of the responsible party(s) and the cleanup and restoration costs shall be assessed.


Permission to use the kitchen equipment shall first be obtained from the Food Services Manager.

Any equipment or items used shall be properly cleaned and returned to their original place.

Any equipment or utensils (pots, pans, dishes, etc.) shall not be removed from the clubhouse unless prior permission has been granted. Items shall be returned immediately upon completion of the member’s usage. Such items shall comply with the above paragraph.


The General Manager is charged with the responsibility of assuring the proper decorum of members and guests on the Club premises. If a member disagrees with a decision, his only recourse is to file a written complaint with the House Committee.

The bartender on duty shall decide whether to discontinue serving alcoholic beverages to a member or guest. Flag Officers, Directors, and House Committee members shall support the bartender.

Any members violating a Club rule, or for conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club, subject themselves to suspension in accordance with the Club By-laws (Article 5, Section 7).


Any complaint regarding Club operations, bar, food, or personnel must be submitted in writing to the General Manager, House Committee Chairperson or Rear Commodore.

Complainant shall also be encouraged to address their complaint to the House Committee at its next meeting.


Cigarette smoking is not allowed in any part of the club house or bar to include the covered patio area, pool deck, the Octagon Building, and club entranceways. 


The use of marijuana is prohibited on the MYC grounds.


All pets must be on a leash when on MYC property.  Pets are not allowed to enter any part of the Club House and are not permitted on the patio. 


Members and guests must wear shirts and shoes while using the bar and food facilities inside the Club House. Attire must be appropriate at all times for a family Club.


Members shall not use the Club employees for personal use during the hours the employee is scheduled to perform Club services.


The Club holds a “Club License” from the State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission. This license specifies that alcoholic beverages are to be sold only to Club members. Employees are required to request proof of Club Membership from any person ordering alcoholic beverages that the employee does not know to be a club member.

Guests are not permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages at any time.

No alcoholic beverages will be sold to anyone under the age of 21, in accordance with State Law. Persons may be required to provide identification for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission Rules prohibit alcohol purchased off the premises to be brought into the Club House. Any alcohol consumed in the Clubhouse must be purchased by the Club.

Only food and drink from the MYC kitchen and bar is permitted on the patio.


Notices are NOT permitted on any walls, doors, windows, mirrors, etc.  Bulletin boards are provided for notices.  Business advertising is not permitted anywhere in the Club.  Business advertising in the Portwatch is welcomed.  Boats and nautical equipment for sale by members is permitted free of charge in the Portwatch.

Approval shall be for 30 calendar days, unless additional time is granted by management personnel, except for those items that by their nature are long term. All others must be renewed or removed.


Charging is a member privilege. Account balances will be charged 1.5% interest until the account reaches 30 days past due (60 days from billing).

Account balances reaching 30 days past due will be charged a 3% processing fee and the account balance will be automatically charged to the member’s credit card of record.

Accounts that do not have a valid credit card authorization will begin to accrue interest at 3% per month after 30 days past due.

Any account with a balance in excess of $250 and more than 30 days past due, not receiving at least a 10% payment of the outstanding balance, will be charged a $25 per month late payment fee in addition to the above mentioned financing charges.

Banquet charges will be billed separately and must be paid within 30 days.  Unpaid banquet charges will be subject to 3% per month interest charge and late payment fee as outlined above.

Membership Dues and Slip Fee balances will not be subject to the above but will be subject to the late payment procedures outlined elsewhere in this handbook.

Food and beverage charging privileges will be revoked for members who become 60 days past due (first of the second month after the billing is mailed to the member.)  Members so affected will be required to enlist in the automatic credit card billing program by signing an agreement with the club’s Business Manager. Affected members may not opt out of the automatic credit card program without securing board approval via a written request.  Members who have charges outstanding for over 60 days will have their name posted on the bulletin board adjacent to the register in the bar and MAY be published in the Portwatch.

Use of Club property (lounge, restaurant, docks, dry sail areas, hoist, ramp, parking, etc.) will be revoked for members who have any charges that have been outstanding for over 90 days (first of the third month after the billing is mailed to the member). Overdue charges that reach 90 days will be subject to collection. It will require full payment of all debt to the Club to reinstate Club privileges.

Members who have written a check that is returned for non-sufficient funds will be charged $25. Charging privileges will be denied for one year to a member who writes three non-sufficient funds checks.


House Committee will meet not less than once a month on a date and time agreed upon by the committee members and approved by the Rear Commodore, bearing in mind the necessity to report to the Board of Directors monthly meeting. 


MYC will close promptly at the posted hour.