Muskegon Yacht Club Safety at Sea Seminar

May 21 & 22, 2022
Muskegon Yacht Club is again hosting a US Sailing-approved Safety at Sea seminar on Saturday and Sunday, May 21 & 22, 2022. Bruce Brown is our event moderator. US Sailing offers separate Offshore and International Offshore certifications.


Registration Closes at 5:00pm on Friday May 6, 2022.  No refunds will be issued after that date.

***Course materials and a list of recommended equipment will be emailed to registered participants early in the week of May 16.  Plan on bringing a pfd and your foul weather gear for the pool time on Day 2.  See you soon! ***


One day, classroom only, minimum required by Chicago-Mackinac safety regulations. Certificate valid for five years.

International Offshore

The Offshore classwork of day one plus a Hands-On day two (Jump in the pool! Launch Flares! Extinguish fires!) Certificate valid for five years.

International Offshore Refresher, or Offshore Upgrade

The day two Hands-On training only. If you’ve earned the International Offshore certificate in the last 10 years, renewing that certificate requires only that you take the day two Hands-On training. If you took an Offshore Safety at Sea Course in 2019-2021 and want to upgrade to an International Offshore certificate, but you were not able to meet the 365 day requirement due to Hands-On course unavailability during the COVID crisis, you have until the end of 2022 to take a Hands-On course.

Day one (Saturday) classwork

satisfies the US Sailing Offshore Certificate requirements. Day one will take place at Muskegon Country Club, accessed via 2159 Cottage Grove, Muskegon, MI (using their Lakeshore Drive address/Google search will not get you where you need to go). Attendance is limited to 150 persons. Continental breakfast and boxed lunch provided. Cost is $185

Saturday training for the US Sailing Offshore certificate includes:

    • Damage Prevention and Control
    • Weather Forecasting and Features
    • Handling Heavy Weather and Storm Sails
    • Emergency Medical Care and Hypothermia
    • Heavy Weather and Storm Sails
    • MOB Prevention and Recovery

Day two (Sunday) Hands-On training

is necessary for the US Sailing International Offshore certification or renewal of that certification. Day two will take place at Muskegon Yacht Club, 3198 Edgewater Drive, Muskegon, MI. Participation is limited to 50 persons. Continental breakfast and lunch is provided. Cost is $225.

The Hands-On Training includes:

    • Lessons Learned & Updates: Lessons learned from recent incidents. Updates on important safety requirements and communications items.
    • Damage Control: The course covers typical damage control techniques and equipment.
    • Firefighting and Emergency Signaling (Flares):  This session discusses fire prevention and firefighting and review of flares.
    • Safety Equipment: This session will review standard emergency, safety and personal equipment.
    • PFD’s, Water Survival, and Life Rafts: This session will start with reviewing the proper wearing of your PFD and tether. You will then enter the pool with your foul weather gear and PFD to experience the inflation and use of your PFD. You will practice righting, boarding, and working as a crew in a life raft.
    • USCG Communications and SAR: Covers emergency communications and USCG Search and Rescue.


If you attended our 2017 seminar and attended only day one classwork at Muskegon Community College, you will need to attend day one again.

If you attended both day one and two in 2017 and jumped in the MYC pool (or took day one online and jumped in the MYC pool on day two), renewing that International Offshore certification requires participation in day two only.
More information here:

The Safety at Sea Guide.  This 220-page book was written to accompany US Sailing’s Safety at Sea course, which shares best practices with both aspiring and experienced offshore sailors.
The cost is $25.95 (excl. tax).
Guide can be purchased here
Digital version of Guide can be purchased here