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Race Schedule

Muskegon Yacht Club 2020 Race Schedule

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Wednesday Night Racing Series Scoring:  Season scoring will be based on individual “high point” overall scoring of the best twenty (20) Wednesday night finishes of the total twenty (20) scheduled from 3 June 2020 through 14 October 2020.  First Warning is 6:30 PM until 2 September 2020 when the First Warning is 6:15 Pm for the rest of the season.  The fleet will obtain one (1) throw-out race for every five (5) races scored.  For example, if fifteen (15) races are scored, then the fleet will receive three (3) throw-outs which can be applied to the fifteen (15) races scored.  If the twentieth (20) race is scored, the fleet will receive a fourth (4th) throw-out.  The class winners and overall winner of the Wednesday Night Racing Series will be the boat(s) with the highest amount of points after the allowable throw-outs.  One (1) race sailed shall constitute the summer series.

Wednesday Night Sponsor Series Scoring:  There will be four (4) separate Wednesday Night Sponsor Series.  These races will be the first five (5) Wednesday nights followed by the following five (5), the next (5) and the last five (5) Wednesday nights.  Each Sponsor Series will be scored independent of the overall Wednesday Night Racing Series.  If six (6) races are scored, each boat will receive one (1) throw-out.  If five (5) races are scored, each boat will receive one (1) throw-out. If less than five (5) races per series are scored, there shall be no throw-out.  The class winners and overall winner of each Sponsor Series will be boat(s) with the highest amount of points after the allowable throw-out.  One (1) race scored shall constitute a series.

Blacklock Cup Trophy Scoring:  The Blacklock Cup will be awarded for the Best Overall High Point score for the combined races marked above with a red *:  MYC Commodore’s Cup, MYC Nedeau Cup, GRSC/MYC Commodore’s Invitational, and MYC Governor’s Cup.  There will be one (1) throw-out available for the Blacklock Cup Scoring.

Spring & Fall Challenge Scoring:  The Spring and Fall Challenge will continue to each be awarded as single events.  In addition, they will count towards the Wednesday Night Racing Series and they will count towards the one (1) of two (2) of the Sponsor Series that they will fall in on the race schedule, unless either are abandoned.

Nedeau Cup:  The 2020 Nedeau Cup will be awarded to the Overall Winner of the Nedeau Cup Regatta scheduled for 4 July 2020.  It is the intent of MYC RC to set the course for this event on Lake Michigan.

Boat of the Year Scoring:

Criteria: Based on the racing results and performance of a Muskegon Yacht Club owner/skippered boat for the calendar year under review.  Shall encompass all races raced by all qualified boats, and not limited to just Muskegon Yacht Club races.

Also considered:  How well that boat, its skipper, crew and team members, represented MYC both on and off the race course, with regards to sportsmanship and the Corinthian spirit.

Prepared by:  2020 Muskegon Yacht Club Race & Regatta Committee – 06/17/2020