Notice of Race and Special Conditions for the Muskegon Yacht Club

Wednesday Summer Series and Blacklock Trophy Series

  • Rules The sailing and management of all races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • Yacht Ownership and Eligibility Each yacht shall be owned and skippered by a member of the Muskegon Yacht Club (MYC). With approval of the Fleet Captain, yachts from other clubs may be invited to participate in individual races or regattas. Such visiting yachts are eligible to win trophies or flags for an individual race or regatta, but not for a series of races.
  • Fees MYC members in good standing will pay an entry fee of $130 for full the season including the Wednesday Summer Series and The Blacklock Trophy Series or $20 per race for individual races. Non MYC members will pay $20 entry fee per individual Wednesday Summer Series race or such other Regatta entry fee as may be designated by the Race Committee for Blacklock Trophy Series races as indicated in the Racing schedule. MYC will collect the fees for series and individual races. Applications can be downloaded from or and delivered along with a current Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (LMPHRF) Certificate and proof of liability insurance of a minimum of $300,000, to the MYC race committee prior to racing.
  • Race Schedule Race schedule will be created by Fleet Captain with consultation from the Race Committee. Schedule will include dates, starting times and in the case of series, the number of throw outs if applicable.
  • Measurements Each boat shall produce a valid LMPHRF measurement certificate.
  • Sailing Instructions Sailing instructions will be available prior to the first scheduled race. These will be available from MYC Race Committee or online at the MYC website or
  • Course Courses will be set in Muskegon Lake unless indicated in the race schedule. A series with their own race instructions may use Lake Michigan if indicated in the sailing instructions. The Race Committee boat will plan to leave the dock approximately 30 minutes prior to a Muskegon Lake start and approximately 60 minutes prior to a Lake Michigan start and will signal their leaving by sounding one horn blast.
  • Radio Communication A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to cell phones. Courtesy broadcasts from the Race Committee will be on channel 73.
  • Prizes Prizes will be awarded at the awards dinner noted on the race schedule.
  • Disclaimer of Liability Competitors participate in the racing entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4 (Decision to Race). The Organizing Authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after any racing.
  • Insurance Each yacht shall provide proof of watercraft liability with coverage of at least $300,000. This must be submitted with your Yacht Identification Form and payment.
  • Further Information For further information contact MYC Race Committee, Jon Ledsworth at MYC or at 1804 Edgewater, Muskegon, MI 49441.

Special Conditions 

  • Jib and Main rules For the Jib and Main (non-spinnaker) races, no more than one headsail may be flown at one time, and it may not be set flying. When yachts with headfoil type fore stays change jibs during a race, they must do so as though the sail was hanked on. That is, the first sail must be completely lowered before the second is raised. The same halyard must be used for both sails. Spinnaker/whisker poles may be no longer than the “J” measurement. Poles must be attached or held to the mast during use, and may be carried only the side opposite the boom.
  • Lake Michigan Destination and Return Races When there is no turning mark at the halfway point of a destination and return race, yachts shall turn to seaward within 100 yards of a pier or the shore if the reference point is a landmark.
  • Change of Ownership The changing of yachts by an owner/skipper in mid-series shall be permitted only if the change represents a permanent change from one yacht to another. At such times, the scores of both yachts may be used towards series totals except in cases where the new yacht is in a different division or class.
  • Handicap Ratings Each yacht must have a current LMPHRF Certificate. Each skipper will provide a copy of the LMPHRF Certificate when submitting the Yacht Identification Form, Proof of Insurance and payment. In the event a skipper is unable to obtain a rating through no fault of their own, or only wish to race in one race during the season, they may be allowed to race with an assigned rating upon the approval of the MYC Race Committee. The assigned handicap will carry a 6 second per mile penalty. Yachts using such assigned rating will be eligible to win trophies/flags for an individual race, but not for a series. Once an assigned rating yacht receives a current rating, her finishes in previous races will be recalculated, but she need not forfeit any trophies/flags already awarded. The Race Committee may wave the 6 second per mile penalty for yachts which do not normally race in MYC LMPHRF events.
  • Government Marks Government Marks are to be passed on the USCG correct side. The exception to this rule will be the Muskegon Lake green mark USCG #3 (MYC RC #9), which may be passed on either side per the SI’s.
  • Multiple Starts In any multiple division single race, the staring order of the classes will be determined by the Race Committee and will be signaled by the appropriate class flag displayed during the start sequence.
  • Non-Racing Vessels Racing yachts shall observe the Great Lakes Rules of the Road which require avoidance of commercial vessels underway.

Prepared by:     Jessica Ledsworth, US Sailing Club Race Officer,  5/14/15   Rev 2

Sailing Instructions


  • Rules  The races will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).
  • Notice to Competitors  Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located in the Muskegon Yacht Club (MYC) foyer.
  • Changes to the Sailing Instructions  Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted before 0930 on the day it will take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted one week in advance of the new race date. Posted instructions may be superseded by written or verbal instructions given by the Race Committee to each skipper prior to the warning signal.
  • Signals Made Ashore  Signals made ashore will be displayed on the MYC flagpole. When the AP flag is displayed ashore 1 minute is replaced with not less than 30 minutes in the race signal AP. When Y flag is displayed ashore, rule RRS 40 applies at all times while afloat. This changes the RRS Part 4 preamble.
  • Schedule of Races  Dates, starting times, and number of throw outs will be indicated in the MYC race calendar which shall be available at and
  • Class Flags  Class flags will be:
  • PHRF Div.1                Code Flag 1
  • PHRF Div.2                Code Flag 2
  • PHRF Div.3                Code Flag 3
  • PHRF Div.4                Code Flag 4
  • Jib & Main                   Code Flag 5
  • Melges 24                   Melges 24 Class Flag
  • Courses  No later than the first division warning signal, the Race Committee signal boat will display the buoy numbers to be rounded or will display the approximate compass heading to the first mark and the number of legs of the race. All marks are to be left to port unless Changes to the Sailing Instructions have been posted.        
  • Marks  Muskegon Lake races will use the following marks: Permanent MYC race marks number 1-8, USCG green navigation buoy number 3 (MYC #9) and Bultima’s western most mooring (MYC #B) will be used. Orange inflatables called “X” and yellow inflatables called “Y” will also be used. Lake Michigan races will use orange and yellow inflatables. If multiple races are scheduled, the Race Committee may use a white inflatable as one end of the finish line.
  • The Start  The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the signal boat and an orange mark, permanent or inflatable. Boats whose warning signal has not yet been given, shall avoid the starting area.
  • Individual Recalls  Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.1. The Race Committee will attempt to hail any boat recalled on VHF channel 73. Failure to make a broadcast or to time it accurately will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a).
  • The Finish  The finish line will be between the staff holding a blue flag and a nearby race mark. The finish boat will display the second substitute signal flag at the finish line if the Race Committee intends to start another race that day.
  • Time Limit  Muskegon Lake course races will have a 2 hour time limit for the first boat in each class to finish the race.  Lake Michigan course races will have a 3 hour time limit for the first boat in each class to finish the race.  Boats still racing 30 minutes after the first boat in their class has finished and not thereafter retiring will be scored Time Limit Expired (TLE).  Time limit will be adjusted by handicap in PHRF races.  This changes RRS 35 and RRS A4.
  • Scoring  With reference to Time Limit, boats scored TLE shall receive points equal to the number of finishers in her class plus 2 points.  This changes RRS A4.2 and RRS A5.
  • Penalties  A boat may take a One-Turn Penalty when she may have broken a rule of RRS Part 2 or RRS 31 while racing.  However, when she may have broken a rule of RRS Part 2 while in the zone around a mark other than a starting mark, her penalty shall be a Two-Turns Penalty.
  • Penalties Taken After a RaceAfter a race, a boat that may have broken a rule of RRS Part 2 or RRS 31 while racing may take a Post-Race Penalty for that incident per RRS T2.  However, a 20% penalty must result in a minimum of 2 places and a 30% penalty must result in a minimum of 3 places.  This changes RRS T2.2.     
  • Protest Arbitration (This changes RRS 60.1(b), 63.1, 63.6 and 66)  An arbitration meeting will be held prior to the protest hearing for all protests involving RRS Part 2.  After a protest form is delivered, one designated representative of each party will appear before an arbitrator.  No witnesses are permitted.  After hearing the testimony of each representative, the arbitrator shall reach one of the following conclusions:A)        There was no breach of the rule. If the representatives agree, the protest is withdrawn and cannot be reopened.  If any representative disagrees, the matter goes to a protest committee for a hearing.B)        There was a breach of the rule by one of the boats involved.  The representative of the offending boat has the option of accepting a 40% alternative penalty (minimum 4 places).  If the penalty is accepted, the matter cannot be reopened.C)        The matter should go to a protest committee for a hearing. When the protest is referred to the protest committee, the arbitrator shall not be a member of the protest committee but can be an observer and can be called as a witness.
  • Protests  A boat intending to protest is required to report her intention and the boat(s) being protested to the Race Committee at the finish of the race.  This changes RRS 61.1(a).  Protests must be written.  Protest forms are available from the Race Committee and the written protest must be delivered to the Race Committee within 1 hour of the docking of the Race Committee signal boat.
  • Safety Regulations  A boat that retires from a race shall notify the Race Committee as soon as possible.
  • Radio Communication  A boat shall neither make nor receive radio transmissions while racing not available to all boats.  This includes mobile telephones.
  • Disclaimer of Liability  Competitors compete in the racing entirely at their own risk.  See RRS 4 Decision to Race.  The Organizing Authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with, or prior to, during, or after a race.
  • Insurance  Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with minimum coverage of $300,000 per event or equivalent.   



    Prepared by:          Jon Ledsworth

                                    US Sailing Club Race Officer



    Rev 2