Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer 2 types of membership just for that purpose, non boat owners may take advantage of our Associate membership.

Yes! We have reciprocity with over 900 Yacht Clubs worldwide.

Of course! We welcome all boaters!

Yes dockboxes are allowed…however:

To help ensure a uniform appearance within the marina, only the following dock boxes and steps from Trionic Corp. are approved for use on the docks:

Trionic 8000 Triangular Dock Box
Trionic 8006 Rectangular Dock Box
Trionic DS – 200 2 – Step
Trionic DS – 300 3 – Step


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All dock attachments are to be authorized by the Dock and Yard committee prior to installation. The Dock and Yard committee must pre-approve all methods for fastening attachments to the docks and pilings.