Dock and Yard Rules and Fees


Dock and Yard rules apply to members, their guests, and registered transient yachters. Guest is defined in the House rules.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action by the Board, as recommended by the Dock and Yard Committee.

Dock and Yard refers to any area on MYC property outside of the clubhouse interior, including docks, grassy areas, parking lots, boat launches, boat storage, outbuildings, sidewalks, and pool areas.

  1. The use of fireworks on MYC property is strictly prohibited.
  1. Swimming, diving, running or playing on the docks, seawalls or boardwalks is prohibited.
  1. Unleashed or unattended animals are not permitted on Club property. Members must clean up after their pets.
  1. Use of grills is not permitted on boats, docks, lawn areas, and picnic tables, boardwalks or dry sail areas. Grills may be used in the patio area by the pool.
  1. Portable holding tanks may be only dumped in the bathhouse restrooms.
  1. Chartering is not permitted on Club property. Members who charter or loan their boats to non-members must arrange to have the boat picked up and returned elsewhere.
  1. Members who launch boats from trailers utilizing the launch ramp or jib crane hoist, who do not store their boat in the dry sail area, will park their cars and trailers in designated parking areas.
  1. The beach area is primarily a beach for use by people. Boats may temporarily be pulled up on the beach immediately after launch or preceding haul out.
  1. Access docks by the launch ramp are for launching, haul out, and loading purposes. Mooring, bathing and fishing are not permitted
  1. No craft may be left unattended at the service dock, by the gin pole, or other designated service dock for any reason. These docks are intended for servicing; loading, unloading, and stepping / unstepping masts. Dry sailors have the right of entry and exit to their launching areas. Gin pole and hoist use requires users to be both prepared and courteous. The service dock area is not be used for dockage by transient boats.
  1. Use of any Club facility or service is at the owner, member, or user’s risk.
  1. Damage to any Club property by members or their guests through misuse will obligate the member to replace or repair the damaged property, as approved by the Dock and Yard Committee.
  1. Club furniture shall not be used on any dock.
  1. Decorative items such as flower pots, hanging plants, etc. are not allowed on the docks, finger piers or securing posts.
  1. All dock attachments are to be authorized by the Dock and Yard committee prior to installation. The Dock and Yard committee must pre-approve all methods for fastening attachments to the docks and pilings.  All installations are to be performed under the direction of the Dock and Yard committee.  Unapproved attachments will be removed as deemed necessary.
  1. To help ensure a uniform appearance within the marina, only the following dock boxes and steps from Trionic Corp. are approved for use on the docks:
  • Trionic 8000 Triangular Dock Box
  • Trionic 8006 Rectangular Dock Box
  • Trionic DS-200 2-Step
  • Trionic DS-300 3-Step

For more information visit

  1. Fishing is not permitted on any dock (including the wave attenuator) or moored boats.
  1. The Dock and Yard Committee reserves the right to:
  • Refuse dock space or assign dock space to any craft.
  • Refuse dry sail space or assign dry sail space to any craft.
  • Modify or suspend any rules due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Recommend disciplinary action to the Board of Directors.
  1. Slip holders are required to check their boat for stray voltage at least 1x per season. See Dock and Yard Chairman or MYC staff for assistance.
  1. Signs for any area under the Dock and Yard Committee’s control shall only be placed by that committee.
  1. Members who rent seasonal boating accommodations from MYC must understand that MYC cannot be responsible for the whims of nature or the vagaries of State and Federal agencies. If MYC is unable to accommodate a renter’s boat, the rental fee (or an appropriate portion thereof) will be returned to the renter. MYC will not supply nor pay for alternate accommodations for displaced boaters.
  1. Jet skis or personal watercraft shall not be launched, stored, beached, or attached to club property.
  1. Quiet hours in the Dock and Yard areas shall be from 11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. daily.
  1. Sanding of boats or other materials on Club property is prohibited unless an automatic dust collection system is used.
  1. The lifting of boats by use of the structure is prohibited in the Octagon building.
  1. Boat owners are responsible for keeping their halyards properly secured to alleviate mast slapping. Boat owners that are notified will have 48 hours to remedy the issue or the Dock and Yard Committee will take appropriate action and charge the owner a $25.00 fee.  This rule is in effect year round.
  1. The Dock and Yard committee recommends using 3 strand dock line and/or snubber for tying slipped boats.
  1. Slip renters should be cautious when tying shore power cables to assure they are out of the water.
  1. With the exception of tanks required by and properly mounted for operation inside boats, members and their guests shall not store fuel in portable fuel containers anywhere on Club property. Prohibited areas include but are not limited to docks, dock boxes, the parking lot, launch areas, dinghies, the dinghy rack, the beach and the Octagon building.
    1. All member property must be registered with the business office.


  1. A portion of the Club grounds is set aside for the storage of boats and dinghies. This area will be referred to in further rules as the dry sail area.
  1. Members and life members who would like a space in the dry sail area must be on the slip and dry sailing area waiting list. See Slip and Dry Sail Area Assignments below.  Requests to be placed on the list must include the payment of an annual nonrefundable fifty dollar ($50.00) fee.
  1. Reservations for indoor and outdoor winter storage and indoor summer storage are by written application to the Dock and Yard committee.
  1. Assignments of indoor and outdoor storage space will be at the discretion of the Dock and Yard committee. Priority will be given to the prior year’s occupant.  All other applicants will be assigned on a first come/first served basis.  All dinghies and dry sail boats will be stored in assigned spaces only.  Such lists will be placed on the Dock and Yard bulletin board.
  1. Trailers not in assigned dry sail area spaces are limited to three (3) days on Club property. After the third day, owners will be charged the current temporary storage fee amount.
  1. All dinghies, boats, masts, trailers and dock boxes are required to have a legible MYC supplied sticker conspicuously displayed. All other personal property such as cradles, lifts, etc. are required to have the owners name permanently displayed. Violators of this rule will be assessed $50 and have their property stored at cost until payment is made.


  1. Members who store their boats for the winter at MYC may store their masts separately at no charge. Masts must be stored in the racks provided for mast storage.  Members who store their boats elsewhere may store their mast at the Club for $60. Summer storage of masts separate from boats is not allowed. Masts are not to be stored on the walkways at any time. Masts may be placed temporarily on the lawn two weeks before and one week after 1) the 2nd weekend of May, and 2) the 2nd weekend of October.  Any masts found in an unauthorized area will be moved and the owner charged $110.00.


  1. Summer storage is May 1 to October 31, while winter storage is considered November 1 to April 30. Summer storage patrons who fail to arrange for Winter Storage or receive permission from the Dock & Yard Committee will be subject to additional fees (either temporary or seasonal) for their early arrival prior to May 1st and/or late stays past October 31st.
  1. After November 1st and prior to May 1, all boats and trailers will be subjected to the fees listed in the Club Handbook (Red Book). Any exceptions must receive prior approval.
  1. Any member’s personal property placed anywhere besides designated storage areas must receive approval of the Dock and Yard Committee. This includes items placed on, or attached to, the docks, boardwalks, Club buildings, or yards.


  1. Winter Storage is available on the club property. If storing at the club, notify the business office and complete the storage agreement.  Prior to haul out or launch you must have a release form on file with the business office.  This form releases the designated person, other members, and Muskegon Yacht Club from all liability arising from the haul out or launch of your boat.  Storage is limited to boats weighing less than 16,500 pounds.
  1. Boats stored for the winter must be safely and securely supported. Boats hauled by crane must be stored on a cradle unless specific prior authorization is received from the crane operator and the Dock and Yard Committee.


  1. The hoist will be inspected annually, on or before June 1. 
  1. The hoist may only be used by trained members. 
  1. Training will be offered by an MYC approved instructor, annually on launch day, or at such other times as may be appropriate, including when a new member joins and intends to use the hoist. See the Club office or a D&Y committee member for more information on training. 
  1.  MYC employees are not allowed to use the hoist unless they are also members, i.e. MYC employees do not use the hoist to launch member boats.


  1. Transient docking fees shall be set at the beginning of each year. Non-members visiting under reciprocity, or as a guest of a member in good standing, must sign in at the club bar or office and pay for dockage upon arrival.  Members who voluntarily pre-register shall have this fee reduced by half. Any boat tied to the dock for more than four hours shall pay docking fees. Any boat tied to a dock after 11:00 PM shall pay docking fees. Members who fail to register are subject to an additional $25 penalty.
  1. Unattended boats will not be allowed to be tied to the dock for more than four (4) hours. Violators of this rule will be subject to the prescribed monetary fee.
  1. Members tied up at any of the docks at the yacht club on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays may not have dinghies or inflatables in tow, since they occupy valuable dock space needlessly.  Dinghies or inflatables are permitted only in rented slips provided that they don’t obstruct the fairway.
  2. Dock space cannot be reserved.  Leaving fenders, dock lines, etc. to indicate possession is not permitted



  1. A junior, full or life member can request to have his/her name placed on the waiting list for assignment to either a slip or a dry sail area space by application to the Dock and Yard committee accompanied by an annual non-refundable payment of fifty dollars ($50.00).
  1. The renter or the slip must be the predominant user of the boat and the slip.
  1. A member on the waiting list for whom no slip or dry sail area space is available or refuses an available slip or dry sail area space can maintain his seniority position on the list with an annual non-refundable payment of fifty dollars ($50.00).
  1. The waiting list for slips and dry sail area space will be posted on the Dock and Yard bulletin board and kept current.  Posting of names will be made only by the Dock and Yard Committee.
  1. Slip holders are required to sign the Slip License Agreement prior to rental and must be prepared to show proof of liability and property damage insurance with limits of at least $300,000 per occurrence at time of signing. Renters will not be permitted to use the assigned slip until proof of insurance meets MYC requirements and has been provided to MYC by the boat owner.  (See actual Slip License Agreement or visit the MYC business office for additional details.
  1. If a member is interested in using a mooring, they should contact Torresen Marine for more information on rental prices and procedures.


  1. Rental fees for slips and dry sail area spaces will be billed in October. Payment in full must be received no later than December 1.  Any slip or dry sail area space renter who has not paid his or her fee by the due date loses the right to a slip or dry sail area space.  Partial payments will not be considered as payment.
  1. Slip and dry sail area rental fees from new renters are due thirty (30) days from the date of invoice.
  1. Slips can only be assigned which are adequate for the member’s boat in the opinion of the Dock and Yard committee. The Dock and Yard committee reserves the right to assign all slips.
  1. Upon written application, payment of 50% of the normal rental fee and approval by the Dock and Yard committee a slip or dry sail area space renter may relinquish his/her slip or dry sail area space privileges for a period of one year. This renter will be assigned a slip or dry sail area space the following season.  The relinquished slip or dry sail area space will be assigned for one season only, to the next eligible person on the waiting list, for the full current fee.
  1. Upon the demise of a slip renter, only the legal spouse of the slip renter can continue renting the slip, if she or he is or becomes a junior, full or life member.
  1. Slip or dry sail area space renters may rent only one slip or dry sail area space at a time. Exceptions to this rule may be granted by the Dock and Yard committee.
  1. Members who have paid slip or dry sail fees, and later decide to move their boats or equipment elsewhere, will be able to receive refunds as follows:
  • Prior to March 1st – 80% of fee.
  • March 1st until March 31st – 40% of fee.
  • Within 30 days of May 1st – 20% of fee.
  • After May 1st – No refund.

Dated, written requests must be submitted to the Dock and Yard committee specifying the desired refund.


  1. Your dry sail space agreement does not entitle you to an entire marked parking space – but rather just the space your boat & trailer need. This allows accommodation of more boats than just the number of marked parking spaces – thus maximizing the number of members we can serve in our dry sail area.  Please occupy only the width of space required by your boat/trailer. 
  1. Your dry sail space agreement also does not assign a specific space to your boat. In general, MYC typically waits to see how many and what type of boats we have each summer and then the Dock & Yard committee works to arrange and optimize how each year’s boats fit in the limited space we have.  We typically have this figured out by around July 4.  Once this parking pattern is established, we ask that you try to continue parking your boat in accordance with how the D&Y committee has arranged the boats. 
  1. While it is not a hard and fast rule, we generally try to keep boats on trailers along the Octagon building and boats on dollies along the beach. This minimizes the impact on cars driving through the parking lot and optimizes the space people need to maneuver into the launch ramp.
  1. Just like the larger boats in the marina, please remember to tie off any halyards or other lines that can make noise in the wind.
  1. If you are only bringing your boat or using the launch ramp for the day, please be courteous to your fellow members and do your best to park your car and trailer within the lines in the parking lot. Sometimes the best spot may actually be along the street where it may be easier for you to navigate if the parking lot is very full of cars. 


  1. Slips and dry sail area spaces will be assigned at the December Slip and Dry Sail Area Assignment Meeting. The meeting is always the first Saturday after December 1st.  A member wanting a slip or dry sail area space, or an authorized delegate, must be at the meeting.
  1. All slip and dry sail area space holders who were assigned a slip or dry sail area space at the annual December Slip meeting will be entitled to a slip or space for their boat.
  1. All transfers and new assignments will be processed according to slip seniority and Slip and Dry Sail Area List seniority.
  1. Transfers and assignments will be made in the following order:                                                                                      a. Existing slip holders who want to transfer into a different slip will be addressed on the basis of seniority & slip availability.
    b. Open slips and dry sail area spaces will be filled according to seniority on the Slip and Dry Sail Area waiting List.
    c. The Dock and Yard committee retains the right to award slips based on boat length and slip size.
    d. If after a complete review of the Slip and Dry Sail Area List, slips remain open, members at the meeting, but not on the list may request a slip.

5. Slips which become available after the December assignment meeting shall be assigned on the basis of seniority on the Slip and Dry Sail Area                List. Such assignments shall be temporary for one year.  The Dock and Yard committee has the discretion to not use this method if a slip                          becomes open after launch and it would be impractical to contact those at the slip meeting due to time constraints.



Outside – $9.00/ft.

Inside – $3.00 sq./ft.

Dinghy (outside) – $35.00

Mast storage (boat not stored at MYC) – $60.00



Inside – $3.00 per sq./ft. with a minimum of $200.00.  Square footage is determined by the overall rectangular footprint of the boat and trailer.



All positions – $825.00



Boats on trailer – $3.00 per sq./ft. with a minimum of $200.00.  Square footage is determined by the overall rectangular footprint of the boat and trailer.




This fee is for all dry sail storage, inside and outside.  Fee includes trailers and is assessed for both summer and winter seasons.


No charge – usage reserved for members only.

Non-members are prohibited from usage.


No charge – usage reserved for members only.

Non-members are prohibited from usage.


Members who store their boat at the Club (winter) may store their mast separately at no charge.

Members who do not store their boat may store their mast at the Club for a fee of $60.00.


(Price per foot)  (Up to 4 hours no charge in 24-hour period.)

Non-members – $2.00/foot per night.

Members who voluntarily register – $1.00/foot per night

Check in time begins at noon.  Check out time is noon.  Members who do not voluntarily register will be surcharged $25.00 plus assessed $1.50/ft. rental rate for their stay.


Boats left unattended at the dock, on the beach, under the hoist, at the service dock, or any other place that     restricts use of the Club facilities by members shall be charged $50.00 per day.  This fee shall be in addition to overnight dock, slip or dry sail fees.  The Dock and Yard Committee may also authorize the movement of any boat considered unattended. 


Dinghy Area (up to 10 ft. in length – in racks) – $100.00

Dock Box – This fee applies to all dock boxes not located at a slip.  They must be in an approved location assigned by the D&Y, and identified by a legible MYC numbered decal:  $50.00 


46 foot slips are $3,330

38 foot slips are $2,675

34 foot slips are $2,435

30 foot slips are $2,150

28 foot slips are $1,940

Slip fee includes approval for one dock box at your slip location.


Fee Billed Due
 Slips, Hoist Side Dry Sail, Ramp Side

Dry Sail

 Oct 1  Dec 1
 Indoor & Outdoor Winter Storage  Nov 1  Dec 1
 Indoor Summer Storage  May 1  Jun 1